After months and months of planning and paperwork and decision making, we made some pretty major progress this week. The new windows and entrance from All Points Glass & Aluminium instantly took the site from warehouse to showroom, and the building signage was the cherry on top that finished it off nicely – thanks A1 Signs! Inside, the floors are being laid for the mezzanine and the staircase is being constructed.

First, let’s just have a little look at what we started with to refresh your memory (so you’re properly impressed when you scroll down).

Let's just step back and remember what this place looked like before we started ... so we can properly appreciate the progress we've made so far!
Remember what we started with?

And here’s what we have achieved this week …


The signage is up!
We hope the letters are big enough – let us know if you can see them from Old Geelong Road as you drive by.

We’ve also been working with the leading fireplace manufacturers so we can fill our showroom with the best fireplaces for you. Keep your eyes out for new fireplaces being added to our website as each manufacturer joins us.

Chris & Samantha

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