The Ambe range of electric fireplaces includes a 50” linear model, a 72” linear model and the Multi49 – a fireplace to suit any installation design with it’s flexible options.

All Ambe electric fireplaces come standard with three interchangeable fuel beds that you can change to suit the season, your mood, or an event you’re hosting. You can also choose to upgrade the fuel bed to crushed glass on any of the fireplaces, or add logs to the Multi49.

Each fireplace comes with a remote control and a touch panel on the unit, giving you the flexibility to change the LED lighting colour, flame speed and heat output.

Enjoy your electric fireplace all year round with the flexibility to display the dancing flames and colourful fuel beds without the heat on.


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Ambe Multi49 (RRP $1,999)

A truly flexible fireplace, the Ambe Multi49 is available as a single-sided model, a two-sided corner model, or a 3 sided bay model – and the best part is the price stays the same whichever version you choose!

Fully frameless, the Multi49 is sleek and streamlined to suit modern design styles.

Ambe Multi49

  • Options: Linear, 2-sided corner, 3-sided. Crushed glass fuel bed. Log set.
  • Heat output: 1.4 kW (low) – 1.6 kW (high)
  • Viewable glass area: 1230mm W x 380mm H x 200mm D
  • Weight: 46 kg



Ambe Linear 50 (RRP $1,399)

The Linear 50 electric fireplace from Ambe gives you the look you love, without any fuss. Get the warmth and ambience of a real fire in any space – no flue, no clearance requirements, safe to touch and easy to install.

Clean lines give the Linear50 a sleek simplicity that works with any interior style. The design is seamless, with no visible details taking away from the beauty of the flames. A solid black glass fascia frames the Linear50.

Ambe Linear50

  • Options: Add crushed glass fuel bed
  • Heat output: 1.4 kW (low) – 1.6 kW (high)
  • Viewable glass area: 1200mm W x 300mm H
  • Weight: 32 kg



Ambe Linear 72 (RRP $1,799)

The largest electric fireplace in the Ambe range, the Linear72 is designed to make a statement. Ideal for large rooms with long walls, the Linear72 will add flair to your space. Dancing flames, seamless design and impressive size all work together to give you the electric fireplace of your dreams.

Ambe Linear72

  • Options: Add crushed glass fuel bed
  • Heat output: 1.4 kW (low) – 1.6 kW (high)
  • Viewable glass area: 1750mm W x 300mm H
  • Weight: 50 kg



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