If there’s one thing American’s know how to do, it’s outdoor cooking. From Fourth of July picnics to ‘tail-gating’ at university football matches, the American’s love a barbecue. Years of experience, scientific development (the ceramic was originally developed by NASA for rocket heat-shields) and durability have brought the Big Green Egg to Australia. Now we can enjoy the versatility of a 4-in-1 barbecue and grill, roast, smoke or bake in the one unique product. Bake a pizza one night, sear steaks the next.

So easy to start, simply add your charcoal and light, give the Egg 15 minutes to warm up, add your food and away you go! Ideal for Melbourne barbecue enthusiasts because the world class ceramic prevents outside temperatures from impacting temperatures inside the egg – you really can use it all year round. Perfect for Grand Final parties, a Melbourne Cup gathering or a family get together.

Available in five different sizes, there’s an Egg to suit your needs – from the MiniMax all the way up to the 2XL, whatever quantity of food you need to cook, there’s an Egg with the room you need. Add in some of the handy EGG accessories like the EGGspander and you can double your cooking space.

You can view the range below, or visit our showroom just off Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing to see our comprehensive in-store display. We have a range of Big Green Eggs on display, along with accessories such as nests and tables. Come in and see the quality – feel the weight of the ceramic, the quality of the seals, and see the difference between the original Big Green Egg and inferior copies.


Big Green Egg 2XL


Big Green Egg XL


Big Green Egg Large


Big Green Egg Medium


Big Green Egg MiniMax



You can absolutely feel the quality of the Big Green Egg in the weight of it. If you’re planning to move it around – maybe you want to use it in the backyard, but you’ll store it undercover to look after it – a nest is a great way to manoeuvre the Egg, and it gives the Egg some added height.


For the ultimate in convenience and an attractive addition to your outdoor entertaining area, a Big Green Egg in a table is quite an impressive option. Easily move cooked food to a platters, have all your utensils at hand, and present food artfully.


The range of accessories available for the Big Green Eggs is mind-boggling. Whatever you want to do, there’s an accessory to make it easier or better. You don’t need any accessories to get started – an Egg and charcoal is all you really need. But once you’re using your Egg regularly, you may find you’d like a pizza tray to keep your crust extra crispy. Or maybe you end up cooking for more people than you realise, and an EGGspander that doubles your cooking surface comes in handy.

Big Green Egg accessories are also an EGGcellent gift idea for the Big Green Egg enthusiast!

Don’t forget to pop into the showroom whenever you’re passing by to pick up your free copy of the Big Green Egg Lifestyle magazine – with tips and tricks, fabulous recipes and news on the latest product releases.

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