Cocoon Fires produce a stunning range of fireplaces and products that are as functional as they are beautiful. Designed by innovative and celebrated designer Federico Otero, the Cocoon is an example of contemporary design made unique.

Running on biofuel, Cocoon fireplaces are clean and environmentally friendly. The Cocoon fires will make great stylish additions to interior and exterior spaces.

These ethanol based fireplaces are smoke free and require no flue. They represent not merely decoration but real fireplaces which create an outstanding environment.

It’s the cleanness of the design that makes the object so attractive and effective. Cocoon Fires offer practical solutions with functional and eye-catching designs.


Cocoon Aeris

The Aeris is a contemporary suspended fireplace powered by bioethanol fuel. With no need for a flue, installation is straightforward and can be done by by a handyman or as a DIY project. An adjustable pole and flat or angled mounting plates make it suitable for any ceiling height. Full 360 degree rotation allows you to turn the fireplace to suit your mood, the people in the room and the event.

Cocoon Fires Aeris Black

  • Available in black and stainless steel
  • Additional mounting brackets can be purchased, enabling you to move the Cocoon from one room to another with ease, or even from indoors to outside
  • Can be installed on straight and angled ceilings
  • Extension poles are available for installations on ceilings up to 5 metres high


Cocoon Pedestal

The freestanding Pedestal Cocoon is modern, stylish, and completely portable. Easily move from room to room. If you’re renting, it’s ideal as it can move home with you. Perfect for taking outdoors for a spring barbecue, and then bringing inside for a cosy night watching Netflix.

Cocoon Fires Pedestal stainless steel

  • Ideal for apartments, balconies and terraces
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Up to 5 hours burn time
  • Pedestal height 36cm


Cocoon Vellum

The Vellum is the wall mounted version of the Cocoon. Stylish and contemporary, this easily installed fireplace is both a functional heater and a stunning art piece.

Cocoon Fires Vellum Black and Stainless Steel

  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Burns up to 6 hours
  • Available in black or stainless steel


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