With a wide range of traditional and ultra modern designs, Dimplex have a fire for every room and budget.

Electric fires are so easy to install. Some models just need to be plugged into a power point and they’re ready to use. Others can be installed by your local handyman, or as a DIY project.

Fully portable models can be taken with you, making them an excellent option for people who are renting. They’re also handy for people who want the flexibility to move the heater from room to room.

The Dimplex range consists of five fire technologies – Optiflame, Opti-myst, Revillusion, PRISM and Electraflame.

Optiflame is the original and best selling electric flame effect fire, Opti-myst is the new realistsic, fully three-dimensional flame effect, Revillusion is a realistic flame effect with a clear view therough the flames, PRISM uses the full spectrum of RGB colours for a show-stopping effect, and Electraflame are the complete suites that require no installation.

Visit our Melbourne fireplace showroom to see Dimplex complete suites, wall-mounted fireplaces and fireboxes on display, or browse the range below.

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