Escea EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Escea EF5000 EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace

Get quick, convenient heat at the touch of a button with our popular outdoor gas fireplace.

The innovative design means no flue is required and it can be built straight into a timber -framed or masonry cavity.

Just because it’s a little cool outside it doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors.Create a dramatic focal point to your outdoor living area and enjoy the luxury of outdoor entertaining all year long with our Escea outdoor fireplace – gas or wood. Carefully crafted to the best quality, these outdoor fireplaces are made to go the distance.

Escea EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Escea EW5000 frameless outdoor wood fireplace Escea EW5000 Escea EW5000 outdoor fireplace

The EW5000 adds a dramatic focal point to any outdoor entertaining area, while its large cooking surface allows you to enjoy BBQ cooking the way it was meant to be done.

For long life, Escea constructed the firebox of high quality 4mm thick steel. This outdoor barbecue fire needs to be enclosed in non-combustible masonry, stone, concrete or brickwork. Escea can provide a ready-to-build steel frame enclosure (KSE) which can be finished with a suitable fireproof material of your choice.

The EW5000 outdoor wood fire can be installed with or without the Stainless Steel Slab fascia. The fascia-less look gives a more traditional option and can be installed flush or recessed into your non-combustible fire surround.

Escea EK Outdoor Kitchen

Make this summer one worth remembering with the Escea Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen. Functional, versatile and beautiful – Escea’s outdoor kitchen offers a professional Argentinian-inspired BBQ that transforms into an open wood fireplace you can enjoy all night.

The combination of deluxe barbecue and outdoor fireplace in one stunning appliance leaves you with more space to create a truly impressive alfresco area.

You’ll be able to invite friends and family over for a feast, expertly grilled over just the right heat thanks to the height adjustable trays and meat hooks. When you’ve finished cooking for the night, simply remove the cooking trays, add some firewood, sit back and enjoy the warmth and ambience of a roaring open fire.

Escea EK1250 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen in BBQ mode

  • Available in three sizes – EK950, EK1250, EK1550
  • Designed by Escea’s engineers in consultation with professional chefs
  • Ember Generator
  • 13-point adjustable cooking plates, grills and meat hooks included
  • Slimline modern appearance
  • Steel construction
  • Firebrick lined base
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Escea EK950

Escea EK950 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Escea EK1250

Escea EK1250 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Escea EK1550

Escea EK1550 Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen


Escea EP1350 Fire Table

Escea EP1350 Fire Table

Nothing brings people together quite like food and flames. Now Escea has found the perfect way to combine them both with the EP1350 Outdoor Fire Table.

Inspired by the classic campfire, the Fire Table is made for gathering, sharing, and marshmallow toasting. It’s a new twist on an old classic. Only better, because Escea’s Vortex Firecore technology gives you the warmth, ambience and flames of a campfire, without all the smoke.

Whether you’re cooking for two, feeding the whole family, or hosting a tribe, the Fire Table offers a 360° social cooking experience that gets everyone involved.

With three cooking modes to choose from – an inner stainless steel ring for consistent medium heat, a removable kebab holder, and a cooking grill for the perfect grilled tapas – each person can cook their food just the way they like it. No longer is the designated cook relegated to the corner of the deck, now they can be the life of the party.



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