Fire design for luxury living.

The Icon Fires range of bioethanol fireplaces offer a world of unique design opportunities. Choose from complete fireplaces ready for wall mounting, or design your own custom fireplace with the burner and firebox combination that suits your design requirements.

Fuelled by bioethanol, Icon Fires fireplaces are clean burning with no smoke or odour. These fires do not require a flue, meaning simple installation in any home. Icon Fires fireplaces are an excellent solution for apartments where running a flue for gas fireplaces is too difficult or expensive.

Icon Fires products are the highest quality bioethanol fireplace products in the market and comply with the size, weight, and stability requirements set by the Australian Government.

View the full range of Icon bioethanol products below, or visit the showroom to view the Nero Wall Mounted fireplace and the Grand XL Commercial Firebox with burner on display. Ask our friendly team to show you how simple it is to fill the burner and use the fireplaces.

Icon bioethanol burners Icon bioethanol fireboxes Icon Nero wall mounted bioethanol fireplaces