Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, electric fireplaces add instant visual impact while also being completely safe to touch. Choose to run the fireplace with the heater or just enjoy the flame effect. With many of the inbuilt electric fireboxes offering colour change options, you can enjoy your electric fireplace all year round with cool blues and greens during summer, and warm reds, oranges and yellows in winter.

Victorian Fireplaces offers inbuilt electric fireboxes from all the leading brands, including Dimplex, Modern Flames and Ambe. Visit our Melbourne fireplace showroom to see a variety of electric fireplaces on display, including the Ambe49 3 sided electric fireplace and the Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak insert for open fireplaces.


Ambe Linear 50 inbuilt electric fireplace Ambe Linear 72 inbuilt electric fireplace Ambe Multi 49 three sided electric fireplace Dimplex C500 C1000 Dimplex LED firebox 26 inch Dimplex Prism 34 Dimplex Prism 50 Dimplex Prism 74 Dimplex Revillusion firebox 30 inch Dimplex Revillusion firebox 36 inch Dimplex Revillusion firebox 42 inch Gazco Riva Jetmaster GE Inbuilt electric fireplace Jetmaster GE Wall Mounted electric fireplace Modern Flames Ambiance CLX 1m Modern Flames Ambiance CLX 1.5m Modern Flames Ambiance CLX 2m Modern Flames Ambiance CLX 2.5m Modern Flames Ambiance CLX 3m Modern Flames Landscape Fullview 1.5m Modern Flames Landscape Fullview 2m Modern Flames Landscape Fullview 2.5m Modern Flames Landscape Fullview 3m Modern Flames Spectrum 50 inch Modern Flames Spectrum 74 inch Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak Real Flame Ignite XL 50 inch electric fireplace Real Flame Ignite XL 74 inch electric fireplace Real Flame Ignite XL 100 inch electric fireplace Real Flame Optimyst electric fireplace with steam flame effect