Electric fireplaces are the perfect way to enjoy the ambience of a fireplace without the mess of a wood fire or the upfront expense of a gas fireplace. Across our range of electric fireplaces we have wall mounted fires, freestanding units, complete suites with a mantel and firebox all in one, and fires to be recessed into the wall for an ultra modern finish.

Our range of electric heaters are also a great option for anyone who is renting and is looking for extra warmth in their home that they can take with them when they leave. Along with the portable electric fireplaces on offer across the Dimplex range, we also have Nobo panel heaters. These can be wall mounted, or installed on casters so you can easily move from room to room. Ideal for a holiday house, a rental, or for that room in your home that just isn’t warm enough.

View the range below or visit our Melbourne fireplace showroom in Hoppers Crossing to see the latest electric fireplaces on display.

Please note the website is currently being updated and not all of our products are featured below. If you’re looking for a product that doesn’t appear here, or you want more information about a product you have seen, please call our friendly team on 9748 2828.


Portable electric fireplaces

Wall-Mounted electric fireplaces

Electric fireboxes

Complete Suites all in one electric fireplaces with mantels

Electric panel heaters

Outdoor electric patio heaters

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