Modern gas fireplaces are efficient, effective and so easy to use. When you love the idea of a fireplace, but don’t want to chop wood, store wood or deal with the messy ash from a wood heater, a gas fireplace is the perfect solution.

Victorian Fireplaces has a phenomenal range of gas fireplaces on offer, including over 40 models on display in our Melbourne showroom.

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Inbuilt Gas Fireplaces

Inbuilt gas fireplaces

The modern gas fireplace is often installed into a feature wall, sitting flush with the wall surface and seamlessly becoming a design statement. With so many shapes and sizes on offer, the installation options are many and varied. We can work with you to make your dream fireplace a reality, or we can offer suggestions for the space you have to work with. Bring your plans to the showroom for advice, send your design team to discuss their requirements with us, or simply come in and have a look at the options.


Gas Inserts for Open Brick Chimney Fireplaces

Gas fireplace inserts for brick chimney fireplaces

While an open wood fire in a brick fireplace is beautiful to look at, it’s not the most efficient way to heat your home. Heat is lost through the chimney, ash from the fire is messy, you need to store wood, and every time you want to start the fire you have to get down on the ground to light it.

Installing a gas fire is a solution that has become very popular. We have a range of products on offer that have been specifically designed to be retrofitted into an existing brick chimney fireplace. With the different sizes, trims and fascias on offer, there will be one to suit your home or project.

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Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Freestanding gas fireplaces

Freestanding fireplaces are a great option if you don’t have space to build out a wall for an inbuilt fire or you want to put a fireplace in a corner. They are also a great choice if you want an authentic wood fire look, without the effort.

With features such as powder coating, decromesh, pedestals and wood stackers, you can create a unique fire to suit your home.


Double Sided Gas Fireplaces

Double sided gas fireplaces

There is nothing quite like a double sided fireplace to add serious wow factor to your home. And with so many flue options available for gas fireplaces, you can put one almost anywhere. Use it to divide a large room, or heat two rooms at once. You can even put a see through fireplace on an external wall, simultaneously heating a living space and your covered outdoor entertaining area.


Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Outdoor gas fireplaces

When you live in Melbourne, sometimes the rain in Spring or the cool weather that seems to arrive far too soon after Summer can leave us a bit disheartened to be back indoors again. But with an outdoor fireplace, your covered alfresco area can be enjoyed in warmth and comfort for much more of the year.