There is nothing better than a wood fireplace. Crackling logs, warmth that radiates through your whole home and a captivating flame. Whether you’re heating your house, a shed or an outdoor area, we have a wood heater to suit. From freestanding to inbuilt and inserts for existing open chimney fireplaces, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Victorian Fireplaces.

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Please note the website is currently being updated and not all of our products are featured below. If you’re looking for a product that doesn’t appear here, or you want more information about a product you have seen, please call our friendly team on 9748 2828.

Freestanding Wood Heaters

Freestanding wood heaters

Do you have minimal space but you want maximum heat? A freestanding wood heater is a great solution when you’re looking for a heating option with a small footprint. They are also gaining popularity in man caves and covered alfresco areas. With relatively straightforward installation (no need for building a frame or plastering), a freestanding wood heater is a cost-effective heating solution.

Victorian Fireplaces has an impressive range of freestanding wood heaters on offer, from budget options through to top of the line.

Inbuilt Wood Fireplaces

Inbuilt wood heater

Fireplaces are more than just a heating source – they are a design statement and a focal point of your home. From evenings gathered around the fire playing board games to parties with friends and family gatherings, your fireplace is central to how you enjoy your home. With an inbuilt wood heater, the installation options are endless, and you are limited only by your imagination (and clearance requirements!).

Wood Inserts for Brick Chimney Fireplaces

Wood fireplace insert for existing brick chimney

While talk of sitting around an open fireplace evokes positive images and happy memories for many people, there are more efficient ways to heat your home. If you just love a wood fire, but you want to be warmer and have less smoke blow back into the room, a wood insert for an open brick chimney fireplace could be just the solution. All the positives of a wood fire – the warmth, the crackle of logs and the smell of wood burning – without the heat escaping up the chimney, the messy ash all over the hearth and the stained black bricks around the fireplace opening.

With a range of shapes and sizes available, we have an insert to fit your existing cavity and an installation team who are experienced at fitting inserts in existing fireplaces.

Some of our wood inserts even have optional technology to make starting your fire easier and quicker – so you can get home from work and get the fire going straight away.

Double Sided Wood Fireplaces

Double sided wood fireplace

Heat two rooms simultaneously with a double sided wood fireplace. Freestanding or inbuilt, there are options to suit your installation. With all models boasting doors that open from either side, you can easily load the fire from either room. With a double sided inbuilt wood fireplace, it is also possible to install on an external wall, providing a heater for a living area and a covered alfresco area.

Outdoor Wood Fireplaces

Wood Fire Outdoor Installation

Enjoy the great outdoors all year round with an outdoor wood heater. Here in Melbourne we only have a couple of months of the year to really enjoy our outdoor spaces comfortably. All too soon, cool weather reappears and we head back indoors. But with a wood fireplace in your alfresco area, you’re set to enjoy the space all year long (especially if you add some cafe blinds to keep the heat in).

Suspended Wood Fires


Architecturally designed homes call for something a little bit different. Something out of the ordinary. Something elegant and sculptural and unique and impressive. And our range of suspended wood heaters tick all the boxes. We know they’re not for everyone. They’re big, expensive, and call for large spaces with high ceilings for maximum impact. But if you’re looking for that final piece to complete your dream build, look no further than the Focus suspended wood heaters.