View the range of gas fireplaces we offer online, or come into our Hoppers Crossing showroom to see the huge range we have on display.

Regency F33 Freestanding Gas Fire  Regency GF900C Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency GF900L Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency GF1500L Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency GFi300L Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fire  Regency i31 Gas Insert  Regency iG34 Gas Insert  Regency PG33 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency PG36 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Regency PTO30CFT Outdoor Gas Fire  Regency PTO30CKT Outdoor Gas Fire  Regency PTO30IST Outdoor Gas Fire  Regency Freestanding Models  Rinnai 650 Insert  Rinnai 750 Insert  Rinnai 950X Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Rinnai Sapphire Freestanding Gas Fire  Rinnai Sapphire Inbuilt Gas Fire  Archer 300 Series Freestanding Gas Fire  Archer 300 Series Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Archer 700 Series Freestanding Gas Fire  Archer 700 Series Inbuilt Gas Fire  Archer 900 Series Inbuilt Gas Fire  Cannon Canterbury Freestanding Gas Fire  Cannon Canterbury Inbuilt Gas Fire  Cannon Fitzroy Freestanding Gas Fire  Cannon Fitzroy Inbuilt Gas Fire  Escea DF700 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Escea DF700 Brick Chimney Insert  Escea DF960 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Escea DFS730 Freestanding Gas Fire  Escea DL850 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Escea DL1100 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Escea DS1400 Double Sided Gas Fireplace  Escea DX1000 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Escea DX1000 Gas Fireplace  Escea DX1500 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Escea DX1500 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Escea EF5000 outdoor Gas Fire  Heat & Glo 350 TRSI Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Heat & Glo 550 Freestanding Gas Fire  Heat & Glo 550 Inbuilt Gas Fire  Heat & Glo 6000 Gas Fireplace  Heat & Glo I30  Heat & Glo Mezzo Inbuilt Gas Fire  Heat & Glo Mezzo Double Sided Gas Fireplace  Heat & Glo ST-HVBI See Through Fire  Heat & Glo Vrtikl Freestanding Gas Fire  Heat & Glo XLR Plus Inbult Gas Fire  Heatmaster Seamless Inbuilt Gas Fireplace  Horizon 3 Sided Gas Fireplace  Horizon Freestander Gas Fireplace  Horizon Low Line Inbuilt Gas Fire  Kemlan Horizon Low Line Inbuilt Gas Fire  Lopi 564  Lopi 864  Lopi 864ST  Lopi 3615  Lopi 4415  Lopi 4415ST  Lopi 6015  Lopi Cypress  Lopi DVL  Lopi DVS  Real Flame Captiva Island  Real Flame Captiva  Real Flame Double Vision  Real Flame Heatseeker  Real Flame hot Box  Real Flame Landscape  Real Flame Magiglo  Real Flame Pure Vision  Real Flame Pyrotech  Regency 1500LST