Gently curving front glass that continues through the surround makes a refined, elegant statement.

Safe double glazed glass gives you an unobstructed view of your flickering log fire.

Replacing old gas or oil space heaters requires minimum effort as this particular model only has a depth requirement of 363mm. If adding the optional 50mm spacer kit, the depth required is reduced to an incredible 313mm.

An optional mock installation kit makes your heater suitable for installation with timber or plasterboard (combustible surfaces).


  • Realistic eucalypt look logs
  • Curved double glazed glass
  • Enhanced flame effect
  • Electronic ignition and controls
  • 3 fan speed settings
  • 3 heat settings
  • 1 kW heat output @ 18.36 MJ/h
  • 1 star energy efficiency rating
  • Available for use with Natural Gas and LPG

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Planning notes

  • Gas connection via a ½” copper compression fitting.
  • A 10 amp socket within 1.5m is required. Inbuilt models can be direct wired with an accessible isolating switch.
  • Maximum flue length is 4.5m.
  • If heater is being installed into a combustible area such as a timber or plasterboard mock fireplace, use optional accessory MOCKKIT12 mock installation kit.
  • If you have a larger opening than the maximum height indicated, a surround kit is recommended.
  • All Cannon inbuilt heaters MUST be flued. We recommend our own Inbuilt flue kit IBFLUEKIT accessory be used.
  • When selecting a heater, consideration must be given as to the construction of the building with regards to ventilation. This will affect the efficiency of the type of flue selected and how it will operate – e.g. high energy efficient rated homes have little allowance for the introduction of fresh air for combustion purposes, therefore issues can arise with reverse flow of air through a standard flue in these homes. Two storey extensions to existing homes can also reduce the performance of standard flues. Avoid installing standard flue heaters on external perimeter walls of high pitched roof buildings to reduce the possibility of reversed air flow through the standard flue. If in doubt always select Powerflued models as these are not affected by these issues.