The Lopi 564 creates a beautiful fire with a large viewing area, while giving you control over the heat. The huge turn-down rate makes the 564 GS2 fireplace ideal for smaller enclosed rooms such as bedrooms and dens and for those not needing a large amount of heat, but still wanting to enjoy a beautiful fire year-round.

The Lopi 564 offers a choice of three different burner options; the high performance Ember-Fyre™ burner, the Dancing-Fyre™ burner or the contemporary Diamond-Fyre™ burner with a choice of Driftwood or Stones. The 564HO GS2 is sure to keep things warmed up year round with a heat output of 35Mj’s and the ability to heat up to 158 square metres.*

The 564 Diamond-Fyre does not utilise logs and embers. Instead, a sleek black enamel fire container holds the dancing flames. Glowing crushed glass, lit from below with the standard accent lights, surrounds the fire and sparkles with tiny reflections of the flames.

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