With its large capacity and powerful output, the Fairhaven is a stylish choice for large rooms and open plan spaces. The panoramic bay window design offers you an expansive view of the fire from all corners of the room.


  • Heats very large sized areas with extended burn times – can heat up to approximately 280m2
  • Magnificent heat and superior heat from a fully finned cast iron firebox and triple air combustion system
  • 2-speed fan for faster heat circulation
  • Fitted masonry fire bricks and a steel baffle
  • Smooth release door latch with adjustable door hinge
  • Internal ash shelf
  • Removable top plate for cooking
    (note: decorative mesh needs to be replaced by a shield for this feature)
  • Cast iron firebox
  • Estimated peak heat output of 28 kW
  • Low emissions of 2g/kg
  • 59% efficiency