Escea DX1000

Escea DX1000

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The Escea DX Series combines ultra-wide flame action with Escea’s Heat Ducting Technology, which provides heat into several rooms and evenly distributes heat within the same room. At 1m or 1.5m wide these gas fireplaces make a dramatic statement. Reflective side panels give the appearance of an even wider fireplace and add to the infinite flame effect. Both the DX1000 and DX1500 are available as single sided and double sided models, enabling you to heat two rooms directly, and further rooms with Escea’s Heat Ducting Technology, Multiroom, that captures up to 90% of the available heat and carries it throughout the house via ceiling and floor vents. The ducting technology allows you to provide heat to more than one room in your home. Customise the look of your fireplace by choosing between a variety of different fuel beds and frames. With its minimalist aesthetic, the DX Series works with any interior style.

  • 4.8 Star rating
  • 8.4kW Max. Heat Output
  • Viewable Glass Size [mm] 1062w x 360h
  • Fuel Bed OptionsWoodland Selection, NZ River Rock, Black Coals, White Coals, Black Crystalight, White Crystalight

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