Eureka Miner

Eureka Miner

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This large powerful, fan forced wood heater was designed to meet the requirements of larger homes in all of Australia’s during the most severe winter conditions. The vast firebox will effortlessly heat your entire home all winter long. Enjoy the ambience of an all Australian crackling log fire in your home. Ideal to heat up to 260 sq metres. The new generation “”clean burn”” Miner Free standing big brother to the Opal wood heater offer you unsurpassed total home heating. Efficient, rugged, powerful & very friendly to the environment, you will be pleased with new Miner especially for it’s performance and the ease of operation. This Fan forced heater is created to heat up to a 260 m2 square home & is made for a budget conscious buyer who wants maximum heating capacity for their dollar. This beautifully designed wood heater offers you warmth all winter, with the efficiency of today’s technology


  • A large door, a powerful three speed fan and a firebrick lined firebox are main unique features.
  • Minimum wall clearance. 150mm from a rear wall and 400mm from a side wall. 175mm from the corners in a corner installation.
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load.
  • Quality three-speed fan, designed for easy access and removal.
  • Clean glass door during normal burning (self-cleaning). Heavy duty removeable 8mm thick steel sacrificial baffle plate.
  • Deep ash bed for convenient ash retention.
  • Mimimum hearth requirements.
  • Strong welded seam and folded 5mm firebox.
  • Superior baked high temperture paint finish.
  • 5mm heat and shock resistant clear vision door glass.
  • Firebrick lining on the sides and back of the firebox which enchances the combustion efficiency whilst protecting the most vulnerable part of the firebox.
  • Complies to AS/NZS 2918.2001, AS/NZS 4012/4013.

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