Eureka Nugget

Eureka Nugget

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The is a multi-purpose heater, usable for both heating and cooking. You can boil or simmer on either the front or back top shelf of the heater. This unit has the same low clearance of conventionally cased heaters.


  • Extra overnight burn capacity.
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load.
  • Secondary air injection to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Firebox constructed in three piece, welded and folded, heavy duty 6mm steel.
  • Sacrificial replaceable steel baffle plate, 8mm thick.
  • Clean door glass during normal operation.
  • The Nugget has a cooktop.
  • Firebrick lined for maximum firebox protection.
  • The Nugget can take 450mm long wood directly into the firebox for convenient loading.

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