Firefox SCH Series

Firefox SCH Series

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Style and form are subjective aspects of any product however its functionality, value and performance is ultimately what’s important. FIREFOX slow combustion wood heaters are specifically designed to maximise heat ouput. They are highly efficient and provide not only radiant but also convected heat. As the unit heats up it begins to draw the room air up and around all sides of the firebox and circulates the heated air back into the room. The added option of a fan increases the units heating capability by pushing the warm air even further into the area you wish to heat. There are four wood heater models in the range – SCH 140, SCH 160, SCH 240 and SCH 320 – One of which is sure to suit your requirements to make you warm and cozy all over.

  • Furthermore FIREFOX SCH wood heaters produce very low emissions.
  • In fact, the units beat the requirements of the Australian Standard by better than 50%.
  • Cleaner and Greener.

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