Fuego Chiminea

Fuego Chiminea



This is a chiminea style outdoor fireplace which has a large, slightly raised firebox and a short smoke chimney that is used to draw the smoke away by creating a draft. The firebox itself is ball-shaped, and the chimney is about one to one and a half times the height of the firebox. The advantage of the Fuego Chiminea outdoor fireplace is that the smoke stack makes the chiminea fireplace more efficient than fire pits and other outdoor fireplaces. The chiminea draws air in at the firebox level and drafts it up the chimney into the open air. This creates excellent air flow, feeding the fire so it burns hot and clean. That means a chiminea outdoor fireplace will produce less smoke.

The ball-shaped firebox gives the chiminea two more advantages-size and safety. The firebox of the chiminea is plenty large to accommodate a lot of wood and to get a good fire going just as hot as you want it to be.

The Fuego Chiminea outdoor fireplace is made from solid cast iron that will ensure years of use!

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