Quadrafire 5700 Steptop Series

Quadrafire 5700 Steptop Series

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The Quadra-Fire Step Top wood stove is designed to deliver powerful performance in an attractive step-top design. Features durable construction, a fully welded, brick lined firebox with thick-plate steel and heavy duty hinges. Quadra-Fire’s exclusive Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) technology delivers precision airflow management for longer, cleaner and more efficient burns, with easy operation. Burn time of up to 21 hours, Average efficiency of 65% and peak efficiency of 73%, Emissions of 1.5g/kg, Heating capacity of up to 370 square metres

  • Convenient ash removal system
  • Durable steel construction for an exceptionally long firebox life
  • Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Technology
  • Patented four point burn technology
  • No catalytic converter
  • Most comprehensive warranty on the market

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