Eureka Duet

Eureka Duet


The freestanding heater has been designed to provide maximum exposure to the flames within the heater through its “twin” panoramic bayview glass doors. This exciting vision of warmth and comfort can now be viewed and enjoyed from either side of the room.

The Duet “through wall” dual room heater has been designed to be installed into a combustible interior wall (100mm to 105mm thickness) within a family home. By adding a zero clearance kit and a specifically designed flue kit, the homeowner can now have the best of two heaters all in one. So imagine the children in the games room being warmed whilst mum and dad relax in the lounge room with their own heater warming them, enjoying the ambience from the same heater.


  • Unique pre-heated primary and secondary combustion air for “total burn” over both glass doors.
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load
  • Two one-piece ambient bayview glass windows.
  • Two quality three-speed fans designed for greater air movement.
  • Self cleaning glass doors on both sides.
  • Strong 6mm thick firebox.
  • Firebrick lining on the side walls of the firebox which enhances combustion efficiency.
  • 8mm Baffle Plate.
  • Complies to Standards AS/NZS 4012/4013/4014.1:1999

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